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      Cary’s role as a crossroad increased with the establishment of the University of North Carolina at nearby Chapel Hill in 1789 and Raleigh as the capital of the state in 1792. But it was the expansion of the North Carolina Railroad in 1854 and the Chatham Railroad in 1868 that really accelerated the town’s development. Seeing the potential of the transportation infrastructure, a man named Francis Page bought 300 acres that stretched on both sides of the track. Expanding the economic base of the town, Page built a lumber mill as well as the town’s post office, hotel, and school known as the Cary Academy. This period represents Cary’s first economic boom, which ended with the Panic of 1873. Page was also the man who first started referring to the area as Cary, naming it after noted prohibitionist Samuel Cary, which was eventually incorporated in 1871. Due to the town’s inspiration, Cary was a dry town that did not allow the sale of alcohol.

      The Ultimate Gutter Solution

      Our stainless steel mesh gutter protection system helps you avoid the costly repairs water damage can cause to your Cary, NC house’s
      foundation, walls, and landscaping.
      Our Gutter Guards Protect Your Cary Home From:

      Roofing Damage With debris and rainwater unable to settle, you prevent roof damage and interior leaks.
      Fascia Damage When water flows from your property as it’s intended to, you prevent your home’s fascia board from rotting.
      Basement Flooding Proper water flow prevents excess water from entering the basement, causing mold, flooding, and water damage such as rot.
      Foundation Damage Proper water flow prevents excess water from pooling at the foundation: no breeding ground for mosquitos, no soil erosion, and no long-term structural damage to your home’s foundation.

      Never Clean Your Gutters Again

      Ask a homeowner who doesn’t have Gator Gutter Guards and they’ll tell you: gutter cleaning is a messy, tedious, and dangerous job. You can’t afford distractions or unpleasant surprises when you’re standing atop a ladder.

      There’s a Safer, Easier Way.

      Our gutter protection system’s design keeps them free of the clogging debris that poses risks to your safety and your wallet. You have peace of mind knowing your rain gutters are free from debris and protected year-round.

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