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      The area along Contentnea Creek now known as Stantonsburg was populated by Indians until around 1720. In 1745, the first white settlers filtered down from Virginia to take up land patents and establish residence here. A bill to incorporate the Town of Stantonsburg in the County of Edgecombe was passed by General Assembly after its third reading on December 20, 1817. Thus Stantonsburg became the first incorporated Town in what was 38 years later to become Wilson County. The Stantonsburg area suffered the ravages of the War between the States and the Town was forced to give up its charter. Following the war, the Town recovered sufficiently to incorporate for the second time in 1873. In 1890 an extensive fire destroyed much of the town around the turn of the century. The Town Charter was again allowed to lapse. In 1907, there was another period of growth, and the General Assembly of North Carolina again granted a charter to the Town of Stantonsburg on February 26, 1909. The Town was named for the Stanton family who were early landowners in the area.


      The Ultimate Gutter Solution

      Our stainless steel mesh gutter protection system helps you avoid the costly repairs water damage can cause to your Stantonsburg, NC house’s
      foundation, walls, and landscaping.
      Our Gutter Guards Protect Your Stantonsburg Home From:

      Roofing Damage With debris and rainwater unable to settle, you prevent roof damage and interior leaks.
      Fascia Damage When water flows from your property as it’s intended to, you prevent your home’s fascia board from rotting.
      Basement Flooding Proper water flow prevents excess water from entering the basement, causing mold, flooding, and water damage such as rot.
      Foundation Damage Proper water flow prevents excess water from pooling at the foundation: no breeding ground for mosquitos, no soil erosion, and no long-term structural damage to your home’s foundation.

      Never Clean Your Gutters Again

      Ask a homeowner who doesn’t have Gator Gutter Guards and they’ll tell you: gutter cleaning is a messy, tedious, and dangerous job. You can’t afford distractions or unpleasant surprises when you’re standing atop a ladder.

      There’s a Safer, Easier Way.

      Our gutter protection system’s design keeps them free of the clogging debris that poses risks to your safety and your wallet. You have peace of mind knowing your rain gutters are free from debris and protected year-round.

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